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TechTidy Essentials Your 
Digital Hygiene & Precision Cleaning

Tidy Tech Essentials for Precision Cleaning

Dive into the details with our specialized tools, perfect for cleaning keyboards and earbuds with precision. Experience a cleaner and more efficient digital world with our comprehensive cleaning kit.

Sparkling Screens Made Easy

Elevate your device hygiene with our Fiber Fleece Swipe and spray bottle combo, designed to effortlessly clean mobile phone and laptop screens, leaving them pristine and fingerprint-free.

How To Use 7 in 1
Electronic Cleaner Kit

Keyboard Key Puller

Keyboard Cleaner

5ml Spray Bottle

Mobile Screen Cleaner

Bluetooth Earbuds Cleaning Pen
Keep Your Audio Crisp and Clear

Silicone Tip

Precision cleaning for earbud holes, ensuring optimal sound quality.

Mini Brush

Gentle surface cleaning for earphone mesh, keeping your earbuds looking fresh.

Flocking Sponge

Deep cleaning solution for charging cases, reaching areas you can't easily access.

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Multi-functional Electronic
Cleaning Kit